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Top 5 Photography Apps

by NicoleNoworyta in Lifestyle

In the age of smart phones, the phone camera is a convenient, quick and hassle free way to capture those unexpected moments. Photography apps are a great way to edit your [...]


    I’m sure you’ve seen a hot yoga studio pop up in your neighborhood, or maybe you have that friend who keeps bragging about their perfect Shivasana pose. Whatever [...]
  • Nieko's orginal photo
    When I went to France on exchange and found out that I was going to have to cook for myself, I was not exactly going in as the next Gordon Ramsay. I was in fact quite the [...]
  • marvel_dc_united___wallpaper_by_olanv8-d5233lm
    The following article contains my own opinion on the current DC and Marvel live-action television shows, and my prediction for their future shows. Marvel Comics is more [...]
  • goffriller-violin-color-sam-hymas
    Jane Yang is a University of Toronto music grad who plays the violin. She not only has a lot of things going on, but she was also recently given the opportunity to play [...]
  • unbuttoned tip
    Unbuttoned, an electric soul (or, “stuff that sounds good”, according to their Facebook page) band from Toronto has begun to gain recognition in the music world. Their [...]

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